Commitment as it is, is defined as the act of committing one’s self to doing something and achieving a set goal. It is usually the dedication or devotion of one’s self, a usually irrevocable undertaking.
Who is it that has succeeded in getting a desired outcome from anything by having his/her hand clasped or fitted their hands in their pocket, or who is it that has told himself/herself that they were going to achieve success in any sphere of their lives and ended up having their success lying in bed without any effort, well that is not even possible on the basis that it happened by magic because, even in terms of magic, there should be a magician who is whole heartedly devoted to making whatever it is happen. Chances are that not even one percent (1%) of such people would succeed. Without commitment or devotion to whatever task that you have decided to achieve, there is no way you should be expecting to succeed.
The moment there is setting of goals or aims, there is commitment, just as there is perseverance and also there is victory. This goes to say that no matter the goal you set, to achieve it, you need to bring yourself to understand that you have to put in your all, you need to dedicate yourself to it. The scriptures say in “proverbs 10:4 lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth”.
Academic excellence can be obtained by being committed to studies, being diligent in taking down notes, being punctual in class, name it. As time goes by, nobody grows younger, and the only time one can achieve set goals is one’s youthful time as one has the energy. Like it or not, a time is coming when one would grow tired if not old and will not be as exuberant as one is now, therefore as there is life and strength, the youth must arise and take up their future from now.
What joy it is when in your old age, one looks back at the past and one’s achievement. What joy it is when one is able to secure a future for a generation unborn. It’s a good thing to be able to fend for one’s self and others due to the fact that one has taken advantage of a chance one had to make a lasting impact not only in the life of one’s self but also in others life.
Let the youth arise and make use of opportunities given now for a great future.
God is our strength.

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