child hood a great thing



Yeah the memories, those fond memories
Memories that we hold onto
Memories of you, yeah you
Those memories that explain
Yeah, explains love.

Remember them?
When after a real tough fight
When your dude hit you hard
Hit you hard in the tommy
When you were whimpering
Held your tommy hard and cried?

Remember them?
When your friend had to side
Had to side with another friend
Because they can’t afford
Afford dropping from the game?

Remember them?
When you badly needed just a bite
A little bite on buddy’s cake?
But buddy forgot you were friends
Because buddy got a new friend
A new friend in his cake?

Remember them?
When your heroes refused
Refused to help out in the fight
When they watched you being beat up?

Remember them?
When you were scheduled
Scheduled for the tease
Because the lot fell on…

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