Don’t be too hard on your self

Keep calm don’t worry

Life is hard in itself

Don’t take chances being hard on yourself

That is gory

Failure and hardships

They prove you are on the way to Lordship

Ice bergs have been a hurdle for great ships

The wool for your clothe came from a dear sheep.

The quest for success, people can’t afford to sleep.

Sometimes you come last

But you really did your best.

You should be proud even if you got not the crest.

Coming last does not denote you the least.

Take no chances to accept you are the worst.

Because for a seed to sprout, it gotta rot first.

Talk to God for He knows you best.

Keep calm and do not worry

One thing is to keep on trying.

Do not accept that you are losing.

Persistence, a life of the winning.

Be strong for once and stop whining.

Whatever it is, just keep on moving.

Note that your problems are not for telling.

Rather keep working to keep yourself going.

The time is going to come

When you’ll be wearing the crown.

So until then, there’s no need to frown.

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