For the sake of the hustle, You waked, before time. First hand stress, Makes me act a mime. Sluggishly, I get of the bed, Like taking of an L.E.D Slowly, melting off the lead.   Getting kit up, zoomed off, Reaching on time to make selection, Lest, you watch on standing aloof As they work […]


via Daily Prompt: Loyal Yes and or no, those are my responses. Not getting you stacked between a couple of maybes. Taking me for my word and it’s just so. Loyalty is a choice and not forced upon people. Heed to your word, show yourself some loyalty. It pays to do yourself good. That is […]

The brave mama

via Daily Prompt: Brave MULTITASKING, that for me is a synonym for mama. Mama is also a synonym for love. Always up before the cock crows Mama is kit and up to task. Tackling a bunch of chores, work rows Food for the table, sumptuous. THE engine, our drive, she is our mama. Out in […]