For the sake of the hustle,

You waked, before time.

First hand stress,

Makes me act a mime.

Sluggishly, I get of the bed,

Like taking of an L.E.D

Slowly, melting off the lead.


Getting kit up, zoomed off,

Reaching on time to make selection,

Lest, you watch on standing aloof

As they work on to get the oof.


Being selected, yuh on the team,

As you work hard, no time to lean.

You need to diet well, else you thin,

Don’t spend too much, else your hopes pin.

Managing? Yeah, on that am Keen.


Even while at work, there’re obstacles,

Nearly tripped on those pebbles.

While staring at her freckles

All the same, am in fine fettles

Cautious tho, do not meddle.


I hate it when you play a smart ass

Trying to make me work an ass(donkey)

You call me fish, I must be a bass


With all the inflictions

Not minding the afflictions,

My sense of irritation

On! I placed an injunction

It worked, a kind of conjunction.


Now the day is over

Yeah! Am kinda loving the weather.



Looking to the highest,

Glory to God in the highest

He took us out, He brought us home.

He fixed us up…..to fix others too….

My God my victory.











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