love anonymous

Sometimes, I feel for love, the passion is so much

Such that The rhythmical palpitations of my heart gets uneven.

But for whom do I feel such love?

Sometimes my eyes won’t give in to sleep

ecause my brain be wide up thinking

About love, a love to anonymous.

Whom do I so feel I owe such love?

Where are you love, come redeem me

from this seemingly peaceable restlessness.

Where are you love?

Am here concertina out of my hearts pressures,

the yearning to have you around not only at leisure.

You alone have the tendency to bring back to default

my brain-heart orientation.

Love, sweet when found, bile bitter when lost

They say, making me feel a cold frost

Let me find you love,

You are the auto correct to my emotional errors.

Let me find you love.

My heart yearns for evenness

You, love, alone can bring my heart

meekly to such psycho-emotional balance.

Hear my heart “oh how I yearn for your peace giving selfless self to come put me at peace oh love “







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