Don’t be too hard on your self Keep calm don’t worry Life is hard in itself Don’t take chances being hard on yourself That is gory Failure and hardships They prove you are on the way to Lordship Ice bergs have been a hurdle for great ships The wool for your clothe came from a […]


For the sake of the hustle, You waked, before time. First hand stress, Makes me act a mime. Sluggishly, I get of the bed, Like taking of an L.E.D Slowly, melting off the lead.   Getting kit up, zoomed off, Reaching on time to make selection, Lest, you watch on standing aloof As they work […]


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THOSE MEMORIES; THE CHILD HOOD MEMORIES Yeah the memories, those fond memories Memories that we hold onto Memories of you, yeah you Those memories that explain Yeah, explains love. Remember them? When after a real tough fight When your dude hit you hard Hit you hard in the tommy When…


via Daily Prompt: Detonate Such a calm atmosphere Nature; soo peaceful And hearts full of merry; soo joyful. Right at the other side, loses soo painful Being left in all their tears, ughhh that is awful Right at the other side parents are left to die Right in the arms of their lads they lie […]


via Daily Prompt: Survive survival! survival! In a world so hectic, the aim , to survive. Through the hustle and the bustle, the aim, to survive. What is it they say, the strongest survive? Moving up and down the street No place to rest the feet The eyes lacking sleep Not to blink or yet […]

who says sorry

Poetry by Rebecca Hazelton: The habit of sealing up sweetness, / of saving but never / tasting, isn’t lost / when the drones disperse, / and the queen is / left to starve. via Who Says Sorry — Discover


WHAT HAPPENED TO LOVE The love preachers, what happened to love? Love, they say is blind Blind, yeah it does not find faults The love preachers what happened to love? Love, they say is patient Slow to anger, endures Yeah, endures everything. The love preachers, what happened to love? Love they say is long suffering […]